Termination of Project

The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell were notified in an email of September 24, 2020, from J. Lloyd Suttle, Yale’s Deputy Provost for Academic Resources, that “as of June 30, 2021, all funding and activities of the Boswell Editions project will be suspended indefinitely.” The decision was taken by Benjamin Polak, Yale’s William C. Brainard Professor of Economics and Professor of Management, who served as Yale University Provost from 2013 until December 2019.

For questions related to the project’s termination, please be in touch with J. Lloyd Suttle. He can be reached at j.suttle@yale.edu.

For questions about the future disposition of the accumulated materials in the Yale Boswell Editions offices, please be in touch with Michelle Light (AUL for Special Collections, and Director, Beinecke Library) and Barbara Rockenbach (University Librarian). They can be reached, respectively, at michelle.light@yale.edu and barbara.rockenbach@yale.edu.

For questions related to publication of future volumes, please be in touch with Michelle Houston (Literary Studies Commissioning Editor) of Edinburgh University Press. She can be reached at Michelle.Houston@eup.ed.ac.uk.